Expressive Arts Therapies

and Family Counseling

ReCrea/Expressive Arts Therapies and Family Counseling provides professional counseling and spiritual formation to people whom feel restless, sad and isolated because of difficulties adjusting to a new phase of life, an illness and/or the loss of a loved one.

ReCrea helps turn the nonsense of pain into purpose by restoring a sense of safety, acceptance and wholeness in the midst of grief, trauma and shame.

ReCrea also helps leaders in health, educational, and clergy professions improve their listening skills through workshops and supervision.

Founded in 2002 (previously called Resources on the Horizon) by Jim and Caranita Wolsieffer and their daughter Stephany, ReCrea is located in the heart of Francavilla Fontana (Brindisi). 

In person counseling serves the local community, while online counseling allows ReCrea to offer services throughout Italy and beyond, counseling missionaries even in Eastern Europe and Africa. 

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